WEX Inc., a leading provider of corporate payment solutions, today announced several key milestones as part of its expanding fleet services in Asia, where it has been serving oil companies for nearly a decade.

WEX’s white label solution has expanded from providing hosting and transaction management services for processing fleet payments in Asia to offer a new suite of services including funding of receivables, customer service, and collections for oil companies.

Leveraging WEX’s success and strength in Australia and New Zealand, the company has now expanded its services to Guam, Saipan and Singapore in Asia.

George Hogan, SVP International, of WEX, said: “We are thrilled to better serve the oil companies in Asia that are using our new solutions and continuing to trust us to represent their brands as the partner behind their white label fuel card programs.” Hogan continued, “Our industry-changing solutions and award-winning customer service are meeting the needs of current and future customers in Asia who turn to WEX to help simplify complex payment environments.”