Wish paying for gas was as easy as pulling up to the pump and not having to punch grimy buttons or swipe a credit card? Ford is the first to integrate the ExxonMobil’s Speedpass+ app to make paying for gas quick, easy and secure from inside the vehicle.


Speedpass+ users can access the app from their Ford SYNC® 3 touch screen or by voice commands to authorize payment while automatically earning Plenti loyalty points at Exxon and Mobil stations.


“ExxonMobil’s use of mobile technology that makes life more convenient for their customers can be easily integrated into Ford vehicles,” said Dave Hatton, Ford Global Manager, Mobile Applications and Emergency Services. “With SYNC AppLink, the Speedpass+ experience becomes a more seamless part of our customers’ journey.”


Using GPS, the vehicle recognizes it is at a participating Exxon or Mobil station, making it easy for the driver to enter the pump number and automatically pay for gas.


To pay for fuel using voice commands:

  1. Say, “Pay for fuel” or “express pay”
  2. Indicate which pump number to authorize by saying the number; for instance, “One” or “pump one”
  3. Confirm fuel authorization and begin fueling


Drivers also can use the app to search for and navigate to approximately 9,400 participating Exxon and Mobil stations. Using the Ford SYNC 3 touch screen, the car automatically shows a list of nearby stations, along with directions, when a customer’s fuel gauge drops below a specified fuel level.


SYNC AppLink provides drivers with the ability to control compatible smartphone apps using their voice or the in-vehicle touch screen. Developers can easily make their smartphone apps compatible with SYNC by downloading and integrating the AppLink software from the Ford Developer Program website.