To celebrate every car’s distinct personality, ExxonMobil is launching Mobil 1TM “Loved Cars Have Names,” a two-month promotion accompanied by an online name generator that appropriately names cars to reflect the role they play in peoples’ lives.

Customers can submit information online about their car’s personality, style and functionality, and the “Name-U-Lator” will generate the car’s new name. Customers can have the name added to a free license plate frame, which is available with a qualifying purchase –thanks to cooperation with Advance Auto Parts, AutoZone, CARQUEST, NAPA and Pep Boys. Alternatively, customers can create a license plate frame proudly displaying the given moniker of an already named vehicle.

“Cars are an important piece of our customers’ lives,” said Michele Biamonte, Americas automotive marketing coordinator at ExxonMobil. “’Loved Cars Have Names’ celebrates the relationship between vehicle and driver, and brings these machines to life by giving names befitting their special characteristics.”

Customers completing the “Name-U-Lator” exercise can register for a free license plate frame upon purchase of five or more quarts of Mobil 1 synthetic motor oil at any participating retailer location or online. Users completing online submissions must upload the purchase receipt to be eligible to receive the customized license plate frame.

To find the perfect name to suit your car’s personality, try out the “Name-U-Lator” and learn more about “Loved Cars Have Names.”

All Mobil 1 customers are encouraged to celebrate their vehicle companion by sharing a photo of (or with) their car on the Mobil 1 website. Select uploaded photos will then be added to the online photo gallery.