Convenience retail merchants are seeking a framework to help guide the implementation and integration of several new technologies. These include mobile commerce, hosted and managed point-of-sale (POS) systems and virtual retail management systems to reduce transactional costs, lower marketing costs, while concurrently increasing customer loyalty, brand recognition and profitability.

The convenience retailing industry is also looking for ways to improve the time to market, introduce new customer value propositions, and solve many of the current industry challenges across retail sites.

  • Would you like to improve the effectiveness and reduce the cost of marketing campaigns?
  • Would you like to reduce your credit/debit transaction fee costs?
  • Would you like to reduce payment and fraud risk?
  • Would you like to reduce the TCO of your business systems?
  • Would you like to avoid/reduce compliance costs with EMV?



Vish100Vish Ganapathy, Vice President, CTO — IBM Global Distribution. Vish focuses on the strategic direction of IBM’s industry solutions bridging business and technology through architecture and design. In particular, he specializes in bridging how software applications and technology solutions can enable business capabilities retailers are looking for to differentiate themselves in the marketplace.


Don100Don Frieden, Founder and CEO, P97. Don is a thought leader, visionary, and serial entrepreneur providing strategic direction for the company. A passion for research and development, technology partnerships, and sales. For the last 15 years Don has been on the forefront of industry leading applications in mobile technology, from concept to commercial viability to mainstream. [email protected]



Date Held: Dec 10, 2015