Trinium Technologies, a leading provider of business software for the fuel distribution industry, joins the CFN Participants Meeting in New Orleans to discuss industry best practices.


Trinium again was a sponsor of the annual two-day event to support its cardlock and fleet fueling customers. This year’s meeting was held in New Orleans and was attended by dozens of CFN marketers across the U.S.


Trinium’s break-out session was focused on the company’s web portals: a customer web portal called Trinium Pipeline, and an internal business intelligence portal called the Trinium BI Portal. The Trinium BI Portal is a web-based business intelligence reporting tool released by Trinium earlier this year. This portal provides key performance indicators in graphical, easy-to-use formats that enable better decision making by management. 


Trinium and customers also discussed best practices as it pertains to customer web portals. Trinium’s Pipeline web portal provides a fuel marketer’s customers with 24/7 access to their data, including transactions, invoices, statements, card management, credit data, price quoting and more. Customers can also pay invoices online.


From a best practices standpoint, fuel marketers explained that it is key to present Trinium Pipeline’s features within their sales, marketing and customer service departments. Many fuel marketers using Trinium Pipeline now cite benchmarks such as 50% of customers using the web portal and over 50% of their invoices now being paid on the web portal.


“We continue to see demand from our customers to expand the functional footprint of our customer web portal as their customers are demanding 24/7 access to data. It’s always good to get this best practices data directly from our customers, who see the value in our offering”, said Dennis Lave, Vice President at Trinium Technologies.