Bravo Systems, Inc., a leading U.S. manufacturer of secondary containment systems and products based in Los Angeles, is pleased to announce that the company is broadening its national reach to Alaska and beyond the continental U.S. to Hawaii through a contract with Boston McDermott, a territory agency representation group. Boston McDermott has represented Bravo in the Pacific Northwest for years, and is expert in the Bravo product line.  Bravo’s new presence in the Alaska and Hawaii markets is a significant move in Bravo’s continuing rapid expansion.

“This exciting step gives us ‘boots on the ground’ in all 50 states,” said Bravo President and CEO Paola Bravo. “Bravo is proud to provide our on-demand, localized customer support and quick response capabilities, anywhere in the U.S.,” she added.  Ms. Bravo is continuing to take the company to new heights in environmental protection in the petroleum industry by developing innovative products, actively building the firm’s loyal customer base, and increasing revenues. She is also raising Bravo’s profile as a containment industry leader through Bravo’s educational and training efforts nationwide.

The expansion to Alaska and Hawaii is timely, with updated EPA regulations coming on October 13, 2018. With complete coverage of the U.S market, Bravo products will be vital tools for customers to achieve EPA compliance.

One of Bravo’s most significant recent innovations was the launch of the Bravo Solutions Center, designed to provide real time responses to customers in the field and as needed, to construct and repair underground containment sites. The Bravo Solutions Center extends Bravo’s EPA-compliant environmental protection capabilities for its customers by troubleshooting field challenges and providing on-demand technical support.

“Bravo customers in Alaska and Hawaii will now benefit from our experience and expertise with many real-time solutions in the field throughout our national markets,” said Bravo National Sales Manager Micah Nelson.