OPW, a Dover Company and a global leader in fluid handling solutions, has released the Phoenix SQL Lite™ Fuel Management Software, a standalone Windows®-based application that automates reconciliation processes and significantly streamlines inventory data management through an extremely user-friendly interface.

Phoenix SQL Lite leverages the powerful data management capabilities of Microsoft SQL Express to deliver comprehensive site reconciliation to single-user operations. The program can be quickly downloaded and easily installed on Windows®-compatible PCs. A supportive “Help” feature ensures that users are maximizing the program’s data management and configuration tools. Custom import/export features simplify card management and provide flexibility to users’ diverse data reporting needs.

“By automating reconciliation processes, Phoenix SQL Lite eliminates the time-consuming and error-prone nature of manual statistical inventory reconciliation, and it achieves these efficiencies through an easy-to-navigate graphical interface,” said Jeremy Lewis, OPW Commercial Business Development Manager – Fuel Control.

Ideal for small to mid-size fuel sites, Phoenix SQL Lite not only delivers linear scalability across fueling operations, it reduces their risk of financial repercussions incurred through unaccounted fuel losses.

“Sites that increase the accuracy of their reconciliation data through technology-driven solutions are better positioned to intervene quickly when unaccounted fuel losses arise,” Lewis said. “This helps them minimize the financial impact of inventory losses that might otherwise go unnoticed.”

Phoenix SQL Lite is compatible with OPW tank gauges, most third-party tank gauge systems, as well as OPW’s FSC3000™ Fuel Site Controller and System2™ Fuel Site Controller.

Phoenix SQL Lite will be available through OPW distributors beginning in November 2015. To learn more about OPW’s Phoenix SQL Lite, call (708) 485-4200. For information about OPW, visit www.opwglobal.com.