PriceAdvantage, a fuel price management software company and division of Skyline Products, announced today the v2015.2.0 release of PriceAdvantage software which features a new, powerful economic model and a robust list of product enhancements.

The newest release, guided by a nation-wide customer advisory board, adds enhanced functionality that helps fuel marketers make informed, strategic pricing decisions. For example, the revamped economic model boasts a patent-pending algorithm that lets users create what-if scenarios, analyze past performance, current cost, competitor data, and market reactions, to predict the outcome of proposed price-changes. It provides a graphical display for volume and profit curves that reflects real-world factors such as profit cliffs and market share limitations.

The newest release also features: deeper control over individual, multiple-store, and all-store strategies; robust reporting; and detailed competitor mapping. “Our customer advisory board provides valuable insight into those functionality enhancements that will help them do their job faster and better,” said Chip Stadjuhar, CEO of Skyline Products. “We are thankful for their insight and proud to meet their enhancement requests through easy, free upgrades.”

PriceAdvantage software allows fuel marketers to easily gather competitor prices, replacement costs, historical data, store specific/market insight as well as use economic modeling to determine new fuel prices faster and more accurately. The affordable solution is easy to install, easy to use, and provides a measurable ROI in terms of both increased fuel profits and improved productivity.