Express Mondor, U.S. Venture GAIN Clean Fuel Canada and Gaz Métro announce the building of a public compressed natural gas (CNG) station in Lanoraie, Quebec. This station is the ninth to join the Blue Road. The new CNG station will provide Express Mondor with access to an alternative fuel to fuel its new truck fleet and reduce the company’s energy expenses and the environmental impact of its activities.

Construction work on the new station, which represents an investment of $3.5 million from GAIN Clean Fuel and Express Mondor, has begun and should be complete before the end of 2016. The station will be located along Highway 40, on the north side of Lanoraie’s industrial park. Gaz Métro will supply the station with natural gas.

“We chose to partner with GAIN Clean Fuel to build this station to secure our position at the leading edge of our industry. Moreover, we have undertaken to acquire 50 new CNG trucks over the next few years to continue to provide stellar service to our customers across North America, while also improving our energy and environmental performance,” says Billy Mondor, Vice President of Business Development at Express Mondor.

“We are delighted with our agreement with Express Mondor and at the prospect of the building of this new public CNG station in Lanoraie,” says Marc-André Paquin, Director of Business Development at GAIN Clean Fuel Canada. “The new station will be located alongside Highway 40’s very busy trucking corridor, which connects Montreal and Quebec City by way of Trois-Rivières, and will thereby offer the benefits of CNG to other carriers that wish to use an alternative fuel.”

Thanks to its CNG-powered trucks, Express Mondor will save considerably on fuel costs and gain as much as 30% in efficiency per kilometer, in addition to decreasing greenhouse gas emissions up to 25% with its new trucks. CNG-powered trucks are also less noisy, while remaining as reliable and powerful as diesel-powered trucks.

“Gaz Métro is delighted to see the new GAIN Clean Fuel station become the ninth in the Blue Road, a network of public natural gas fueling stations that allows carriers to roll with less emissions while offering advantages in terms of both energy efficiency and pump prices. Today’s announcement confirms that transport companies recognize the many benefits of natural gas as an alternative to diesel,” said David Vincent, Gaz Métro’s Director of Business Development and Renewable Energy. “We salute Express Mondor for their clear shift toward natural gas and hope that other carriers will follow suit to remain at the industry forefront.”

“Express Mondor has also updated its visual identity, which will appear on all our new trucks, as well as, progressively, on all our other trucks and branding and communications tools. Our motto, “Powered by passion,” describes the dynamism and energy that fuel our entire team and help us meet the needs of our customers, while keeping safe driving and environmental protection at the heart of our business goals,” adds Billy Mondor.