The Voyager® Mobile App is adding a first-in-the-industry routing and price optimization tool that zeros in on the most efficient path from point A to point B and finds the lowest-cost fuel within a given route. Low-cost stations are shown on an easy-to-use map that allows drivers and fleet managers to better plan their routes and stops based on fueling costs. In addition to creating maps within the mobile app, it can produce printable reports and maps for fleets that do not issue or allow drivers to use mobile devices.

Unlike many “crowd sourced” tools, the Voyager Mobile App pricing data is official, obtained in near real time from thousands of fuel and service stations that form the proprietary Voyager Network owned by U.S. Bank. The app offers the ability to filter for various amenities such as maintenance and repair shops.

“With this upgrade, the Voyager Mobile App is the most advanced in the fleet space,” said U.S. Bank Fleet Product Manager Ramel Lindsay. “It is loaded with unique features, including a hands-free voice prompt that can automatically announce a location, brand, distance and price. It builds the lowest cost fuel choices into a driver’s daily route while allowing for frequent price updates. It works especially well for fleets that operate primarily around a central hub, but it handles longer routes with equal dexterity.”

The application was built in partnership with Ignite Media, a Houston-based technology provider focused on the oil & gas, transportation and financial sectors. “Our deep relationships with many of Voyager’s clients and partners enabled us to quickly grasp their pain points and create solutions tailored to the specific needs of corporate fleets,” said Ignite CEO Vladimir Collak. “The resulting Voyager Mobile App breaks new ground, including many unique features not found in competitive apps.”