The Icom Propane Evacuation Pump has a 12 year history of safely, rapidly and efficiently removing propane from vehicle tanks without venting or wasting gas. Hundreds are currently in use in the USA, Europe, Australia and Asia.

Product highlights include:

  • Portable unit
  • Total evacuation of propane from tank
  • Air operated
  • Light weight
  • Easy accessibility for on-site draining
  • Available with or without storage tank

While the Icom Liquid Injection System with its external pump rarely needs evacuating, many other previous generation liquid injection systems with pumps inside the tanks still do. The Icom Prime will allow complete evacuation of propane from the tanks, effectively depressurizing the container and allowing safe access for service. The unit also accomplishes the safe transfer of propane into another container that may be switched back into the original tank, saving time and money.

The Icom Prime is especially applicable for school bus propane tanks.

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