This Spring, CITGO Petroleum Corporation will host its 2019 Lubricant roundtable meetings. The series of five roundtables, which bring together CITGO personnel and the hundreds of distributors who sell its lubricant products, will be hosted in Las VegasDallasPhiladelphia, Charlotte, and Chicagobetween March 26 and May 8.

“We always look forward to engaging with our marketers during these events,” said CITGO Vice President Supply & Marketing Karl Schmidt. “An open and honest dialogue is crucial to mutual success. These are the people who interact directly with end users of CITGO lubricants on a daily basis. Their feedback and observations are fundamental to our decision making.”

Each roundtable is scheduled to last for two days. Presentations on the first day of each event will cover general topics such as the state of the industry, sales strategies, and advertising and programs updates, while the second day is planned to feature a variety of trainings and demonstrations.

“These roundtables are a perfect chance to discuss market trends as well as our new initiatives,” added Schmidt. “CITGO has some exciting new programs that we will be implementing, and these gatherings provide us with a venue to generate enthusiasm and support for them. Our marketers play a critical role in bringing these programs to consumers, and we want them to be as excited for these changes as we are.”

Attendance for the events requires registration. Registrants can find out more about the 2019 CITGO Lubricant Roundtables by contacting their local CITGO account manager. For more information about CITGO, its products and programs, visit