Western Global, a leading provider of portable tanks and dispensing equipment for the storage and handling of fuels, lubricants and other fluids, introduces its Aviation Series of fuel tanks, which includes the TransTank and TransCube. The tanks provide a solution for aircraft, ground vehicle and support equipment fueling for both stationery and mobile applications.

“Innovation is at the forefront of what we do, and our aviation tanks are no different,” said Barry Truan, general manager for Western Global’s North American facilities. “Like our other key industries – rental, construction, military, etc. – we provide our aviation customers with safe, reliable and cost-effective fueling solutions.”

Western Global is a globally certified tank specialist offering a variety of tanks to keep airport operations running smoothly. The offering includes a larger, stationery tank (TransTank) and a smaller mobile tank (TransCube) for almost any aviation solution. The tanks meet JIG and UL standards, and are also suitable for both AVgas and Jet A fuels. Built with safety, security and maintenance needs in mind, both tank options include a built-in, weatherproof secondary containment, which eliminates the need for berms or basins.

The TransTank Aviation Series stationery tanks, ranging in size from 3,017 gallons (11,420 liters) to 17,726 gallons (67,100 liters), can be positioned closely to airport aprons or helipads for efficient refueling.

Since no two fueling applications are identical, and every aviation jobsite brings different challenges, Western Global offers a wide variety of pumps and accessories to customize each TransTank configuration. With a modular design, the tanks can be linked together easily to provide unlimited storage capacity.

Taking customization on a jobsite even further, Western Global offers fuel modules through their TRANSFERPOD systems. These modules — which include pump and filter, direct to plane, truck load, and remote dispenser — can be added to a jobsite to create a seamless fueling operation. The standardized TRANSFERPOD aviation fuel modules simplify specification, procurement, maintenance and spare parts support. The flexible, modular design allows for system expansion as needs change, by simply adding modules. This makes the TRANSFERPOD a truly scalable and customizable aviation fueling system solution.

For a flexible mobile fueling option, Western Global offers the TransCube Aviation Series. These tanks range from 132 gallons (499 liters) to 1,242 gallons (4,700 liters) and are a transportable, environmentally friendly, double-walled fuel tank for onsite and mobile fuel supply. The tanks allow operators to keep bulk fuel strategically located onsite to refuel equipment without waiting for fuel deliveries.

“Offering a collaborative series of products means more solutions for each customer’s operation,” Truan said. “No matter the size of the aviation operation, we’re able to create an ideal fuel and fluid solution for users’ specific aviation needs. It’s part of our commitment to make fuel tanks for aviation easy and simple.”

Like all products from Western Global, the aviation series of tanks come with support from the company’s Fuel Solutions Group. This team of professionals specializes in the design, assembly and installation of custom solutions for complex projects.