Veeder-Root, a worldwide leader in fuel management technology, and Total Meter Services (TMS) announced their partnership to launch an Additive Injection System (AIS), a best-in-class solution that automates the injection of additives into fuels, like gasoline and diesel. This enables retailers to buy fuel off the rack and create, premium, Top Tier-compliant offerings that differentiate their brands and drive consumer loyalty at lower costs.

The AIS is designed around a flexible architecture that can be configured to meet the needs of any site type. It uses a combination of proprietary software, instrumentation, and integration with Veeder-Root Automatic Tank Gauges to deliver a seamless way to customize and elevate fuel quality.

“Fuel quality continues to be a critical issue facing the industry and the AIS offers tremendous value to retailers, putting them in the driver’s seat when it comes to fuel offerings their brands provide” said Steve Coppola, Global Product Manager, Veeder-Root.  “We are excited to continue to build on this strategic partnership with Total Meter Services and leverage their expertise in blending technology to add value for our customers.”

Additives, such as detergents, are critical to maintaining performance and fuel economy in modern engines. Standards agencies around the world set the guidelines for the minimum level of additive that all fuels must meet; however, research shows that the current rules are not sufficient for use in modern vehicles. This creates a challenge for fuel retailers looking to increase the level of additives in fuels sold at their stores. Many of them do not have access to terminals or struggle to service remote areas. If they do have access, they are faced with higher costs to create these custom blends of gas or diesel at the rack.

To remedy this, retailers dump fuel additives into the tank, by hand, before each delivery. This may solve the issue of terminal access, but it causes downstream logistical challenges, such as managing thousands of plastic additive containers per site, safety of personnel on the forecourt, and quality control over the manual process to name a few.

The AIS solves those challenges by giving retailers complete and automated control over the additization process, alleviating the need for intervention by store personnel or fuel delivery drivers. This system already has an impressive track record with over 500 installations across North America, Europe, and Latin America.

“TMS is the industry leader in fuel blending automation technologies, focusing on commercial and private vehicle fuel. Our solutions improve fuel quality and lower vehicle emissions to ensure government compliance and meet TOP TIER™ fuel standards. We are pleased to further our partnership with global industry powerhouse Veeder-Root to extend the benefits of this breakthrough technology to North America and countries around world”, said Dennis Swanek, founder and owner of Total Meter Services.

Key Features of the Additive Injection System include:

  • Continuous and simultaneous operations for up to (8) fuel tanks with standard configuration and expandable, if required
  • Flexible, scalable solution works with any additive tank type and size (e.g., aboveground, underground, drum)
  • Precision measurement allows for full traceability to blend ratio and automatic adjustments to maintain blend ratios
  • Automated injections drive an efficient fuel delivery process – No driver intervention needed

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TOP TIER™ is a trademark of General Motors LLC.