U.S. Gain has partnered with American Fueling Systems (AFS) to add the GAIN® Clean Fuel compressed natural gas (CNG) brand to AFS’s recently open CNG location in Houston, Texas.


The new facility, located at 7530 East Orem Drive, opened in December 2016 and is the largest public CNG and diesel fueling station in Houston. It serves both commercial and personal vehicles.


“Co-branding the facility is an excellent opportunity for our business growth and for Houston,” said Rahim Charania, CEO of AFS. “U.S. Gain has an excellent reputation in the industry and an unmatched network of CNG stations for carriers to take advantage of throughout North America.”


U.S. Gain has partnered with AFS at other facility locations and looks forward to the opportunity this new location offers. “We’ve built a strong relationship with AFS over the years and this new facility is a great way to expand our relationship and serve the greater Houston area,” said Erick Johnson, Business Development Manager for U.S. Gain. “AFS is truly a great company to work with. This location is perfect for local carriers and personal vehicles while providing easy access for regional and national carriers. We’re pleased to be adding this to our GAIN station network.”


The new facility offers six high-speed CNG fueling lanes for medium- and heavy-duty fleet operators and eight lanes for diesel operations. “We anticipate market demand for CNG to grow significantly over the next few years but, while oil prices remain low, there’s also a demand for diesel,” Charania said. “By providing both, customers have the option to choose.”


This facility provides fast fill capabilities, access 24 hours a day and accepts all major credit and fleet cards.