Kalibrate Technologies (formerly KSS Fuels has announce that Wawa, Inc. has purchased the Kalibrate PriceNet fuel pricing system and will implement a roll-out across their entire network of 382 fuel sites. Wawa will utilize the full capabilities of PriceNet, which includes 24/7 automation of pricing, full integration to the sites, robust analytics to determine optimal pump prices and mobile functionality on smartphones and tablets.

“We are delighted to partner with Wawa on implementing PriceNet, enabling consumer behavior, predictive analytics and global pricing best practices to enhance their performance,” stated Bob Stein, president and chief executive officer of Kalibrate Technologies. “I’ve been in the convenience store industry for over 30 years and Wawa has always been esteemed as one of the best operators in the world. It is a privilege and honor to welcome Wawa to our global portfolio of clients. Kalibrate will combine its software, experienced people and data analytics to deliver Wawa measured decisions with measurable results.”

“Kalibrate has demonstrated that PriceNet and their experienced people can bring value to our pricing process and decision making,” said Brian Schaller, vice president of fuel at Wawa. “Kalibrate will help us meet our strategic and tactical initiatives to improve performance. The system will help Wawa provide even greater value to our customers by enabling faster responses to changing market conditions. We look forward to a successful partnership together.”