If you fill up at a fuel dispenser with media on the screen, chances are that you’re going to pay attention to what’s playing. That’s what Superior Petroleum Company has bet on, and having deployed Wayne Ovation™ fuel dispensers with the inOvationTV™ media program, television content became a big competitive advantage.

The humble beginning of Superior Petroleum Company started with one car wash in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, expanding to five car washes and six retail convenience stores/gas stations. By 2004, the business entered its role as a retail fuel distributor in and around the Metropolitan Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. To this day, Superior Petroleum Company uses the experience and lessons learned from operating gas stations and convenience stores to understand and appreciate the difficulties facing operators in today’s world, all in an effort to provide value-added service to each of its customers. And that’s exactly what inOvationTV is designed to deliver – added value to customers by offering information, entertainment, promotions, and loyalty incentives.

Meant to help fuel retailers who use Wayne Fueling Systems’ (“Wayne”) dispensers provide the best possible fueling experience for their customers, the inOvationTV media program features exclusive content from Gas Station TV (GSTV). This includes sports from ESPN, news and entertainment from CNN’s Headline News and the Buzz Today, business and personal finance from Bloomberg TV, and local-hosted weather updates from AccuWeather. All programming is custom-produced for the forecourt and updated multiple times throughout the day, and each fuel retailer can customize the loop with their own promotions to suit the individual needs and objectives of their station(s).

Superior Petroleum Company retail fueling stations now located across Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, and Maryland have customized the media messaging for optimal customer segmentation across their partner sites of BP, Valero, Sunoco, and Citgo. For example, Superior Petroleum Company has found that media content aimed toward its female customers should focus on weather and news. Why? “. . . because women are more likely to travel with children in the vehicle and more likely to pay-at-the-pump. Men, on the other hand, are convenience store shoppers who,” noted Milo Ritton, CEO, Superior Petroleum, “are more likely to buy products such as hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, and tobacco. Based on site traffic [we] tailor [our] inOvationTV media content to all drivers, providing a better fueling experience for women, as well as using media to drive men into the store.”

With decades of distributor experience in the petroleum industry, Superior Petroleum Company strives not only to provide its customers with quality products at the best price, but also to provide value-added service to its customers. The inOvationTV media platform is a strong part of that commitment.

“The inOvationTV media program provides large, customized, site-specific promotional ads for products and services that suit our fueling customers,” said Ritton. “We can offer sports, entertainment, news, and weather at the pump; and the advertisements for goods sold in-store are extremely effective.”

Superior Petroleum Company also links the success of its rewards program to advertising on inOvationTV media platform. In rural sites with no walk-in coolers, for example, inOvationTV media program can drive as many as 10,000 rewards transactions per month in some stores, which helps drive overall grocery volume.

Superior Petroleum Company is not alone in realizing value from TV content at the pump. “The inOvationTV media program network is perfect to enhance the fueling experience for customers and increase C-store traffic,” said David Leider, CEO of GSTV. According to a 2014 Lieberman study:

  • 84% of consumers agree inOvationTV is enjoyable
  • 88% agree the inOvationTV media program makes the gas station more appealing
  • 73% agree the inOvationTV media program increases the likelihood to visit the C-store again in the future
  • 91% believe the inOvationTV media program is a good source of product information
  • 91% agree the inOvationTV media platform makes pumping gas a better experience
  • 33% were influenced by an ad to make a purchase today

“The inOvationTV media program improves the fueling experience for our customers and helps improve consumer loyalty and traffic at our stores,” Ritton said. “Whether it’s an energy drink or a candy bar, Wayne and GSTV provide strong branding support and greater connectivity between our forecourt operations and our c-store operations to create deeper customer engagement.”

Right now, a fuel retailer can receive the inOvationTV media platform at no charge and with no hidden fees with the purchase of new Wayne Ovation™2 fuel dispensers. “We’re pleased to partner with industry leader GSTV on this project and excited to offer the product free to customers!” said Wayne’s VP, North America Bill Reichhold.

For more information or to showcase the inOvationTV media platform in your region, please visit www.inovationtv.com, contact Wayne’s Service Solutions at +1 512 388 8545, or GSTV Retailer Relations at +1 248-581-2981.