The American Petroleum Institute (API) Downstream Group Director Frank Macchiarola released a new poll showing that consumers are concerned the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) could hurt their pocket books.“Sixty-eight percent of registered voters are concerned about the government requiring increased amounts of ethanol in gasoline, and 74% agree that federal regulations could contribute to increased costs at the pump,” said Macchiarola.

“Consumers have spoken loud and clear. The results of a new national API poll on the ethanol mandate send another strong signal to policymakers that RFS reform is desperately needed.


“Nearly 85% of vehicles on the road today were not designed for higher ethanol blends, such as E15. And many automakers say that using E15 could potentially void new car warranties. Higher ethanol blends threaten engines and fuel systems—potentially forcing drivers to pay for costly repairs, according to industry testing. And the public remains uneasy about that, with three quarters of respondents expressing concern about breaching the blend wall.


“We continue to urge Congress to pass legislation to fix the program, but until there is a fix, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) should provide relief from the unreasonable statutory mandate,” Macchiarola concluded.


Other poll results: 

  • 70% of voters think the use of more corn for ethanol could increase food prices.
  • 59% of voters oppose moving the point of obligation to shift the program’s compliance burden, while only 20% support such a change.
  • 75% of voters are concerned about government requirements that could breach the blend wall.



The study was conducted March 23 – 27, 2017, by telephone by Harris Poll on behalf of the American Petroleum Institute among 1,000 registered voters across the U.S., with a sampling error of +/- 3%. Full methodology is available upon request. 


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