Stuzo, the only provider of its patent pending Wallet Steering® solution, powered by its Open Commerce product bundle, announced today the network-wide launch of Gulf Oil’s new Gulf Pay program.

“We’re excited to be partnered with Stuzo for the re-launch of Gulf Pay including a robust loyalty offering and a more rewarding experience for the user,” said Nikki Fales, vice president, marketing & payments at Gulf Oil. “Our partnership with Stuzo sets the stage for future enhancements that will further benefit our network of Gulf distributors and dealers and their customers.”

Gulf Pay launched with a new everyday savings of 3¢ off per gallon of fuel for all program members who are fully enrolled and complete purchases using Gulf Pay as their payment method. New program members and those who migrate from Gulf’s previous app will enjoy a one-time rollback of 15¢ off per gallon of fuel when paying with the Gulf Pay web or iOS/Android mobile app experiences. Currently, all major network open loop cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay are supported for in-app payments, both at the pump and in store.

“Our partnership with Stuzo is a game changer,” continued Fales. “With access to Stuzo’s Wallet Steering solution, we can better understand our consumers’ fuel purchasing behavior in a new way. Stuzo enables us to apply this data in real-time to drive incremental fuel gallons by targeting consumers with hyper-personalized offers.”

Stuzo’s Wallet Steering product features and proprietary Wallet Steering method will enable Gulf to track its existing share of program member Wallet Capacity and programmatically capture its incremental Wallet Opportunity. Stuzo will empower Gulf to grow its member base, grow member engagement rates, grow fuel and in-store transaction volume, grow basket size, and increase its share of members’ fuel Wallets profitably and at scale across its entire network of distributors, dealers and consumers.

“Gulf is a well-respected fuel brand with an incredible 120+ year heritage,” said Jake Kiser, chief customer officer, Stuzo. “We’re honored to support Gulf in its commitment to delivering exceptional customer service and quality fuels while strengthening the communities it touches. The re-launch of Gulf Pay is just the beginning of a multi-year journey Gulf and Stuzo have embarked on, with the goal of further improving how Gulf engages with its retailers, builds loyal relationships with its consumers, and delivers greater business outcomes.”

More information is available on the Gulf Pay website.