Stuzo, a leading provider of personalized and predictive commerce solutions for retailers, powered by software products, software services, and insights, announced the launch of its fuel retail and convenience Consumer Insights Platform.

Building on the work of its Market Insight Platform where Stuzo focuses on gaining a deep understanding the digital capabilities (mobile commerce, loyalty, website, social media, etc.) of the top 100 fuel retail and convenience brands in the US, Stuzo set out to gain a deep understanding of the aggregate wants and needs of fuel retail and convenience consumers across the US relating to technology, mobile apps, loyalty, and mobile payments.

This led to Stuzo sending ethnographic researchers and filmmakers on a five-plus week road trip across the United States to visit leading fuel retail and convenience brands and gather exclusive consumer insights. Stuzo started in Philadelphia, headed north to New England, down through Southern US, traveled west through Central US, all the way out to the far Midwest, and back. Stuzo visited over 70 of the largest fuel retail and convenience brands where researchers asked consumers a set of 22 questions and compiled over 240 hours of video interview footage.

This footage was turned into 70 unique video vignettes, one each for 70 leading fuel retail and convenience brands, showcasing exclusive insights Stuzo surfaced via conversations with consumers while on-site at each brand location. In addition, Stuzo created several video compilations of key learnings, summing up consumer reactions to researcher questions relating to subjects such as retailer mobile app awareness and brand preference.

Stuzo has and continues to make significant investments in its three fuel retail and convenience Insights Platforms (Market Insights, Consumer Insights, and Future Vision Insights) to:

  1. Accelerate the adoption of digital commerce across the fuel retail and convenience industry,
  2. Empower Stuzo clients and industry partners with high-value insights that inform strategic digital transformation decisions, and
  3. Enable Stuzo to deliver higher performing digital commerce solutions for its clients.

Stuzo’s in-depth Consumer Insights research is available exclusively for Stuzo’s fuel retail and convenience clients and partners at

For any fuel retail or convenience brand profiled by Stuzo during our research that is not currently a Stuzo client, Stuzo offers Insights Platform Briefings at no charge. To schedule your briefing, contact Matt DeFrancesco at or by phone at 610-322-4165.