Nearly 300 petroleum marketers attended the highly successful PMAA Annual D.C. Conference and “Day on the Hill.” This year’s event occurred at a pivotal time in Washington with the new administration and the particularly timely movement of the Financial CHOICE Act, which would determine the fate of the debit reform that was won by the industry in 2010.


House leadership announced that they decided to drop the language from the CHOICE Act that would have repealed the Durbin Amendment. Without petroleum marketers visiting Capitol Hill last week, it is possible that the debit reform repeal language would not have been removed.


In addition to securing the debit reform language, PMAA marketers focused on reducing the corn ethanol mandate, reinstating the biodiesel blender’s tax credit, maintaining funding for the Leaking Underground Storage Tanks (LUST) Program and the Low Income Heating Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), while thanking past supporters of NORA and seeking their support for a future reauthorization.


PMAA’s opening speaker was Congressman Bill Flores (R-Texas) who discussed Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) reform. Rep. Flores thanked PMAA members for their strong support of his bill “The Food and Fuel Consumer Protection Act,” which would cap the maximum volume of ethanol blended into the nation’s fuel supply below the E10 blend wall.


Attendees also heard from Representative Chris Collins (R-New York), who was the first lawmaker to endorse then President-elect Trump, discussed his opposition to repealing the Durbin Amendment and stressed the importance of meeting with lawmakers. He also provided an update on the current political climate.