Pegasus TransTech, a leader in enterprise mobility, telematics and business process automation for the transportation industry, announced that Pilot Flying J, the largest operator of travel centers in North America, has implemented the Transflo cloud-based mobile document imaging solution across its own fleet of tanker trucks.


“Because of our type of fleet and the geographies we serve, our company has unique mobile needs,” said Jordan Spradling, Transportation and Logistics Director for Pilot Flying J. “We have now enabled our drivers to use automated workflows to manage their documents on a mobile device. Transflo Mobile with customized features for tanker fleets has strengthened our operations, and we’re excited to be one of the first to deploy these capabilities.”


Pilot Flying J distributes fuel to more than 750 travel plazas across the United States, and its 1,850 professional drivers will use Transflo Mobile to reduce paperwork and simplify workflows connected with fuel deliveries. The efficient features embedded in the application enable drivers to manage most of their workday activities in one convenient tool.


“We continue to deepen our client and partner relationship with Pilot Flying J,” added Frank Adelman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Pegasus TransTech. “They are a company that embraces innovation and change in meaningful ways, and that’s held true for the mobility, electronic logging and document management initiatives we have with them.”


Mobility for Tanker Fleets

Transflo Mobile has developed new feature sets specific to tanker fleets and fuel deliveries. The industry-leading features include:

  • Configurable settings that ensure only one in-transit load is active at a given time, providing accurate client reporting;
  • Delivery sequences that ensure loads are completed in the correct order;
  • Override options that allow drivers to re-order stops on the route and provide fleet managers with real-time updates on estimated delivery timeframes;
  • Delivery legs that are color-coded with the corresponding colors of the physical tanks, reducing incorrect deliveries and avoiding financial losses; and
  • Additional workflow features that match bill of lading numbers through automated workflows.


The enhanced tanker features improve client reporting and save valuable driver time. Automation, combined with productivity tools, delivers the process improvement benefits not being addressed elsewhere in this segment of the transportation industry. As with other Transflo solutions, drivers of tanker trucks can access help through the mobile app or by contacting the Transflo Support team. The mobile tanker functionality is now available to the broader market.