Ryder System, Inc., a leader in commercial fleet management, dedicated transportation and supply chain solutions, announced the renewal of its partnership with longtime customer Parksite, a top supplier of specialized building products for the residential, commercial and remodeling markets. Parksite is a Ryder ChoiceLease customer, having signed its first contract with Ryder in 1977. Under the ChoiceLease Full Service agreement, Ryder acquires vehicles according to Parksite’s specifications, provides maintenance and fleet support services and manages vehicle disposal. Ryder operates 64 power units for the business, including tractor trailers and straight trucks.


“Ryder has been a great partner to us, responding to the changing needs of our business, offering flexible vehicle specifications and being proactive with new technology and innovative equipment,” said Jim Coulter, Director of Supply Chain, Parksite. “Ryder is also everywhere we operate, providing us with a high level of convenience. With nine distribution centers across the Eastern Seaboard, as well as Ohio, Illinois and North Dakota, we rely heavily on Ryder’s extensive network of maintenance shops and fueling stations.”


Ryder also supports Parksite with rental vehicles when they need to flex up in order to meet the seasonal demands of their business. Most importantly, Ryder has supported Parksite with long-term growth. The business started out small but was able to expand over the years with the aid of Ryder’s deep fleet management expertise. A recent example of this is Parksite’s business expansion into Fargo, North Dakota, in 2015.


“Parksite is such a success story, and one that we are extremely proud to be a part of,” said Dennis Cooke, President of Fleet Management Solutions, Ryder. “Early on, they saw the value in outsourcing their transportation needs to a third-party provider, and more than four decades later, they have grown into a thriving enterprise. By being a transportation and maintenance solutions partner they can rely on, Ryder helps make it possible for Parksite to fully focus on doing what they do best.”


Parksite—100% employee-owned—started out as a two-man crew working out of a chicken coop in 1971, and has since evolved into a successful industry of over 400 employees. They set themselves apart with their expertise in market development and have built brands and developed solutions that have transformed the building industry.