, an employment software provider, recently rolled out a version of its online employment application software that allows carriers to recreate their current paper forms in an online version. For carriers who are frustrated with the work of coaxing drivers to complete and return critical paper forms, the new online form tool promises to be a tremendous timesaver.


The form tool differs from traditional online document signature tools because of its design flexibility. Rather than simply applying fillable fields on an existing form that the user uploads, is specifically designed to generate a mobile-ready version of the user’s form. While the form builder boasts a simple user interface that requires no design experience, the company offers free design services to help carriers go digital fast.


“The majority of our carriers start out converting two to three of their existing forms to an online version. Once they experience the significant reduction in turnaround times for completed forms, they immediately start converting additional forms,” says Brandon Lawrence, Customer Service Manager at “As a result, most of our carriers are now starting to expand use of our tool beyond just application-related forms.” 


The company reports that a typical one-page form can go from paper to digital in roughly 15 – 20 minutes. Delivery of the forms to drivers can be automated, triggered by the completion of the job application, or users can choose to send forms manually as specific milestones are reached.


Drivers are able to complete the online forms in far less time than paper forms because of the modified design of each form, and because much of the information is prepopulated from the original employment application. The system also includes a library of public forms that are commonly used by truck fleets. Forms such as the “Violation & Review Record,” an annual review form mandated by the Department of Transportation (DOT), can be sent by the carrier to a driver’s device and returned within minutes.


“In addition to offering carriers an online job application, we can now help them further reduce administrative times by eliminating the need to send and receive paper and PDF documents,” says Lawrence. “The response from our carriers has been overwhelming, with most users focusing on the improved turnaround times as well as the professional look of the mobile forms and the ease of conversion.”


The use of cloud-based processes like the one offers are expected to surge in the coming years as truck fleets look for more ways to streamline operations. At under $100 per month, makes it affordable for carriers of all sizes to digitize the flow of critical forms without a significant investment technology. is the low-cost way for small and medium carriers to implement attractive, Web-based driver employment applications and consent forms that are mobile-ready and allow for electronic signatures on any device.