Leading family business advisors Meridian Associates, Inc. announces their 2022 Outstanding Women in Family Business Award Winners! Maureen McGovern (IL) takes home the award in the Owner category, and Dixie McCadden (OR) wins the Non-Owner category!

 Maureen McGovern, winner of the Owner category, is the owner of Osco Oil Company and Bell Fuel. She came into her family business in 1983, and has been thriving ever since! To this day, Osco Oil, home of the “Big Red Truck,” is known as Chicago’s most reliable petroleum fuel distributor. Their red trucks have become synonymous with reliability! One of Maureen’s greatest accomplishments is empowering other women and leading by example – she created a woman-owned company and hired a woman president!

Maureen’s advice to other women is “know your numbers!” which she received from her Dad and now is passing that sage wisdom on to others.



Non-Owner award winner, Dixie McCadden is the regional manager at Ed Staub & Sons Petroleum in Klamath Falls, Oregon. She joined the Petro industry in 1990 and started as a cashier to supplement her teacher’s salary. Since then she has risen to the regional manager position (and is no longer a school teacher!). She still uses her teaching skills though her greatest joy is helping entry level cashiers develop to managers and beyond. They use an assistant manager certification program to help their employees further their careers with Ed Staub & Sons. Dixie credits her success to slowing down and taking the time to get to know people. She is a strong believer in teamwork and personal connections. Her most important mentor is her current boss, who supports her ideas and says “yes!” a lot!

Dixie says, “Challenges are always constant, and your plate is going to be full, so celebrate the successes as they can get overlooked when you are in the challenges!”

The Outstanding Woman in Family Business Award recognizes professional women in family businesses for outstanding performance. Nominees are judged on various criteria including their contribution to a company, their overall impact on the industry, leadership qualities, and their contribution to those around them in their business or community. The award starts with an online nomination, the Top 10 are selected, phone interviews are conducted and finally, an outside panel of businesswomen choose the winner.

The award is presented at Meridian’s exclusive, women-only event, ‘Women in Family Business 2022’ on June 16-17 at the Tradewinds Resort in St. Pete Beach, Florida. This event provides a place for professional women in family businesses to network, strategize, and participate in focused mastermind sessions. A highlight of the event is always the Outstanding Woman in Family Business Awards.

The award is presented by Betsi Bixby, Founder/CEO for Meridian Associates, Inc. Betsi says, “We started this award long before it was popular to honor women in this industry. I was in a ladies’ room at the Pacific Oil Conference in 1991 with only three other ladies while the men’s room line was out the door. I began chatting with Lila Leathers and she told me she wished more women were leading petroleum companies.

I believe it was that conversation that prompted me years later to begin honoring women in what once was a predominately male industry.”

For more information on ‘Women In Family Business’ visit www.askmeridian.com/wifb-2023. To learn how Meridian assists marketers, please contact Meridian Associates, Inc., at (817) 594-0546 or visit www.askmeridian.com.