OPW, a Dover company and a global leader in fluid-handling solutions, is proud to announce the release and availability of the new 14C Diesel Capture Technology Nozzle, part of the new 14 Series of cleaner-fueling nozzles introduced by OPW. The 14 Series cleaner fueling nozzles have been designed to deliver the cleanest and greenest diesel-fueling customer experience in the industry.

The 14C nozzle sets a new consumer standard and expectation in diesel fueling with the introduction of its patented  diesel-capture technology. At the conclusion of the diesel-fueling process, any excess diesel fuel that remains on the spout will migrate back to the capture device. This excess diesel fuel is fully secured in the diesel-capture chamber until the next fueling cycle begins when a venturi built in to the chamber is activated to introduce the captured diesel fuel back into the fuel stream. The result is a cleaner fueling nozzle and an overall cleaner fueling site that is more appealing to customers.

“Fueling with diesel can be a very dirty experience and, over time, can tarnish a retailer’s reputation. The new OPW 14C is the industry’s cleanest diesel-fueling nozzle and solves the issue of a messy fueling experience,” said Ed Kammerer, Director of Marketing and Global Product Strategy for OPW Retail Fueling. “The patented diesel-capture device ensures that marketers can be confident their customers will have a cleaner fueling experience – by keeping excess diesel fuel off their hands, clothes, shoes, vehicle, nozzle, dispenser and the ground. This nozzle truly defines what’s next in clean-diesel fueling!”

Other features of the 14C nozzle include no-pressure/no-flow nozzle-activation technology and a FlowLock™ system that allows the nozzle to shut off if it should fall out of the vehicle during fueling. Accu-Stop® to-the-penny Flow Control Technology ensures accurate fueling volumes and a one-finger hold-open clip makes it easy to set the flow rate. The 14C nozzle is cULus-listed, has been cycle-tested for more than one million use cycles, has a durable Duratuff® level guard that won’t scratch the vehicle and two-piece NEWGARD® Hand Insulator that is the industry’s most attractive and comfortable to use.

For more information on the 14C Diesel Capture Technology Nozzle for diesel fueling and the rest of OPW’s 14 Series family of nozzles, please visit OPWclean14.com.