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Eichberger_John_150John Eichberger, executive director of the Fuels Institute, and Keith Reid of Fuel Marketer News will have a free flowing, open discussion of electric and “high octane” vehicles and their potential impact to marketers and retailers. Audience participation is more than encouraged!


According to a recent report from Navigant Research: … the rapidly changing market for electric vehicles (EVs), which includes hybrids (HEVs), plug-in hybrids (PHEVs), and battery electric vehicles (BEVs), is a small but growing part of the global automotive industry. Keen to see increasing penetrations of EVs due to the environmental, economic, and energy security benefits they provide, governments are pushing automakers to develop EVs and incentivizing citizens to buy them. Plug-in EVs (which include plug-in hybrids and battery EVs), are expected to make up 2.4 percent of total worldwide light-duty vehicle sales by 2023.


Similarly, high octane vehicles (we’re not talking premium) are starting to be discussed as a potential transportation choice. As the Environmental and Energy Study Institute noted: Researchers from Argonne National Laboratory (ANL), the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), and Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL) have been conducting coordinated studies to address the opportunities and challenges of deploying high octane fuels with mid-level ethanol blends to the passenger vehicle fleet. They are finding that fuels that blend between 25 to 40 percent ethanol (E25 to E40) with conventional gasoline, instead of the current 10 percent ethanol blend (E10), can lead to greater fuel efficiencies and lower overall GHG emissions in the existing passenger fleet. Additionally, the introduction of this high octane mid-level ethanol fuel could provide an optimized fuel source for the much more efficient internal combustion engines carmakers are developing.


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