Gas station owners face many important decisions that affect their bottom line.

When does an owner know that it’s time to switch to a different brand? And make a brand new station start?

The answer is, when the new brand offers more competitive advantages, incentives and flexibility to an owner’s business. CITGO is making their case to station owners in a multi-tiered marketing effort in the spring of 2023.

CITGO is giving stations more reasons than ever to switch brands. To begin with, CITGO will pay for the station’s first load of Top-Tier™ TriCLEAN® gasoline (up to $20,000 worth). Quality of fuel is important to consumers and research is showing consumer preference for the cleaning properties of CITGO in all grades. CITGO will also pay to upgrade a station’s exterior signage and in-store branding to the high-performing Illuminate™ design system (a free incentive worth up to $50,000). CITGO believes the Illuminate signage to be a beacon of great service and low cost and the numbers are bearing that out: New locations are reporting volume increases of up to 30% after converting to the new CITGO brand design.

Consumer loyalty & rewards programs are a big revenue generator for CITGO-branded stations. More and more customers are joining the popular Club CITGO®. Its easy-to-use app provides 20¢ a gallon saving for signing up, along with a 3¢ per gallon rebate on every gallon purchased (and additional paybacks on Tuesday and Friday). Stations are reporting that Club CITGO members are spending up to 30% more per transaction and pumping 13% more gallons than non-members. And, with CITGO’s mobile pay app, station owners enjoy zero transaction fees, while building a customer base and increasing profit margins. It’s a win-win-win!

It’s no surprise, then, that marketers have been awarding CITGO an average of 4.4 out of 5 stars for stellar customer service over the past five years. CITGO points to their accessibility to store owners and their more flexible way of doing business for their success. Proximity to the refueling terminal is also significant and CITGO always delivers.

Lastly, CITGO helps station owners overcome operational challenges and move ahead of the competition by providing no-cost, hands-on learning seminars tailored to their business needs. They offer one-on-one site visits, regional meetings and a working C-store lab to aid in the adoption of road-tested programs, processes and procedures, all of which are accounting for increased sales of up to 7% on the retail level. Station owners looking to learn more about how CITGO delivers a competitive brand advantage, can visit GoingCITGO.com.