MidContinental Chemical Company, Inc. (MCC) is celebrating twenty years of valued partnership with Chevron Oronite. MCC began working with Chevron Oronite in 1998, and through an enduring relationship have experienced steady growth. MCC is proud to represent Chevron Oronite’s additive product line in North America, including the OLOA®, PARATONE®, OGA® and OFA® product families.

Since inception in 1994, MCC has been focused on providing high performance solutions. Our exceptional product offerings, innovative programs and specialized services differentiate MCC in the marketplace. We work closely with our suppliers to develop comprehensive products to solve the problems of today and anticipate the needs of tomorrow.

Chevron Oronite is committed to delivering customer value in areas that MCC fully embraces: exceptional reliability, enduring relationships and innovative technology. Building trusting and mutually beneficial relationships through collaboration with business partners is a tremendous part of our success. The Chevron Ways says that “we are most successful when our partners succeed with us,” and we couldn’t agree more. We look forward to many more years of collaboration with Chevron Oronite.