KSS Fuels announced that its newest mobile fuels pricing application, KSS Fuels Mobile, is available for download from the iTunes App Store and Google’s Play store.

KSS Fuels Mobile adopts mobile technology to allow users to price retail fuel products, whether they are in the office or on the road, in minutes. Operating on any iOS or Android device, KSS Fuels Mobile can quickly capture competitor prices and automatically generate new prices within seconds, allowing for rapid response to competitor moves.

“Recent market research highlights mobile pricing capabilities as a top priority for fuels retailers, which partly explains the overwhelming response we’ve received from our clients so far to the KSS Fuels Mobile application. Created with extensive input from our global client base we are confident this latest app will prove invaluable not only because of the pricing functionality but also due to the new capabilities that the app includes for instance analytics, alerting and location monitoring to ensure that pricing surveys happened where and when expected,” stated Bob Stein, president and CEO of KSS Fuels, Manchester, U.K.