Gasology announced the  release of its disruptive motor fuel marketplace and patent-pending technology that allows consumers—for the first time ever—to purchase their motor fuel 100% online for today or virtually endless periods in the future.  This comprehensive online suite of web-based and mobile apps enables motor fuel suppliers and buyers to connect using a revolutionary design that will transform an industry which has not materially changed since the 1800s. Gasology has created ‘A Better Way’ to fuel mobility by bringing the entire downstream industry onto one seamless platform.

“Imagine if the only way to shop for and buy an airline ticket was to arrive at the gate and pay immediately before boarding the flight. This is the only way consumers have ever known how to buy their motor fuel,” said Gasology CEO Joe LeBlanc.  “Now, imagine seeing gasoline and diesel price choices from numerous suppliers and retailers, all in one convenient app, and for periods that can be very far into the future. Further, imagine being able to shop, compare and reserve the motor fuel of your choice and have it waiting whenever and wherever you want to pick it up. Gasology provides those choices and gives you that control.”

A key Gasology innovation involves online tools that give motor fuel suppliers a proprietary new way to connect with each other, and in turn enables consumers of all kinds (from large businesses to individuals) to discover new prices for today, tomorrow and for several months or several years into the future.  Gasology provides motor fuel suppliers with the opportunity to dramatically expand their wholesale, bulk or retail pump sales while providing groundbreaking incentives and redefining loyalty with their existing and new customers.

“For decades, only the very large institutional firms have had the ability to access certain motor fuel price discovery and purchasing methods, and unfortunately, most consumers have never been provided with any such tools – until now,” explained LeBlanc. “We’re excited to introduce ‘A Better Way’ while solving problems and expanding opportunities for virtually everyone that creates, sells, or buys motor fuel.”

Motor fuel continues to be one of the most volatile necessities in the world, with consumers limited to purchasing gasoline and diesel only when their tanks are low or on empty. More than 230 billion gallons of motor fuel are consumed annually in the U.S., and globally that number exceeds 1.15 trillion gallons. However, while the travel industry (i.e., airlines, hotels, ride share apps) has embraced and thrived by leveraging online platforms for years, Gasology is the first to create differentiated digital tools for the motor fuel space, providing suppliers new ways to sell and giving buyers choice and control.

Rob Estes, President and CEO of Estes Express Lines, commented, “We’ve all witnessed and experienced unprecedented times and extreme fuel price volatility over the past year. Discovering innovative ways to adapt and grow during times of uncertainty is what we have done for the past 89 years—and Gasology is transforming this instability into opportunity and control. We are very excited about this technology and look forward to discovering more choices and new ways to fuel our future.”

Gasology is rolling out its suite of solutions in multiple stages. The initial phase will connect refineries and distributors with business consumers purchasing fuel in bulk. Following will be phases extending the connection to major truck stops, then gas stations, and finally retail consumers.