Filld has been selected to support Volvo Cars’s new Concierge Services pilot to give select Volvo connected-car owners the ability to order gas delivery with a click. Testing begins in the Bay Area, where Volvo S90 and XC90 models will integrate with the Filld platform and service so that their owners never have to stop for gas again.

Filld is a company that delivers gas directly to customers’ cars. Orders are easily placed through a mobile app available on iOS and Android, and top-quality gas is delivered by professionally trained, commercially licensed drivers in Department of Transportation (DOT)-certified safe trucks. To keep costs low, Filld matches the lowest price of the three nearest gas stations and adds a small delivery fee, typically $3.

Volvo customers invited to participate in the pilot program can place a gas delivery order via the Volvo Concierge on their smartphone. The app communicates directly with the Filld platform to determine the optimum time and route. A professional Filld driver is directed to the location of the car and is able to unlock and open the gas flap upon arrival. Volvo owners can track their car’s orders via their smartphone.

In Volvo’s quest to deliver groundbreaking connected-car services, the company chose to partner with Filld. Both companies share an unwavering dedication to customer safety and comfort, and their partnership represents an exciting next step towards a simpler, more stress-free driving experience.

“Volvo Concierge Services will mean that you never have to stand out in the rain to fill your car again,” said Lex Kerssemakers, President and CEO of Volvo Car USA. “At Volvo Cars, our mission is to make life less complicated, and this is a great example of how in-car technology can be used to deliver this.”

“Our vision is to bring back the magic of driving by merging connected-car technology with an automated fuel delivery service—saving consumers time, money and the hassle of refueling their cars,” said Filld President and CEO Michael Buhr. “Thanks to Volvo’s dedication to creating quality driver experiences, we are a step closer to achieving our goal. We’re thrilled to be delivering gas—and peace of mind—to Volvo owners, and look forward to expanding our service to other forward-thinking auto enthusiasts.”

For those who don’t own a connected Volvo, the Filld app is available in the Apple and Google app stores. The service is currently available in the Bay Area, from San Francisco through San Jose.