ExxonMobil announced that 10,000 branded retail sites have completed upgrades in line with the company’s Synergy branding program.

ExxonMobil rolled out the Synergy branding program for Exxon and Mobil stations alongside the introduction of its proprietary Synergy Fuel Technology a few years ago.

Featuring the iconic red Synergy wave, enhanced lighting, Synergy fuel dispensers and well-positioned frames for consumer messages, over 10,000 stations nationwide now sport the striking new site image. The impressive conversion has yielded gains in terms of site visits, fuel volume and backcourt sales.

Since the rollout of the Synergy image, favorability for the Exxon and Mobil brands has grown 75% within key U.S. regions, as measured by Ipsos*.

“We are proud to achieve this milestone and provide measurable value to our Branded Wholesalers. We are excited about the benefits the Synergy site image brings consumers and our business partners, and look forward to continuing to provide consumers with their best fueling experience ever through continuing advancements,” said Eric Carmichael, Americas retail fuels sales and marketing manager.

The company in 2019 introduced Synergy Supreme+™ premium gasoline, designed to keep engines two times cleaner for better gas mileage** and is proud to offer Synergy Supreme+ in concert with its distinct Synergy image.

ExxonMobil anticipates additional retail sites will continue to adopt the image through 2022.