As the Biden Administration embarks on a mission to build a national network of 500,000 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, the Fuels Institute’s Electric Vehicle Council is providing guidance for companies to evaluate how, when and where to enter the market.

The “EV Market Regulatory Report” is designed as a resource to guide the development of regulations affecting the installation and operations of electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE). The report also helps policymakers identify and implement appropriate regulatory provisions.

The Electric Vehicle Council reviewed regulations in all 50 states, three Canadian provinces and 100 metropolitan statistical areas to help stakeholders navigate the complex web of regulatory requirements. Aside from comparing and contrasting policies, the report also identifies which policies seem best suited to facilitating the expansion of public charging.

The Council was formed to bring together individuals and organizations with experience and interest in the EVSE market. This report was commissioned by the Council and peer reviewed by its members.

We invite you to download your copy of the EV Market Regulatory Report today!


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