Excerpted from This Week in Petroleum, Feb. 10, 2016

The Short-Term Energy Outlook (STEO) released on February 9 forecasts that the U.S. retail regular gasoline price will average $1.98/gallon (gal) in 2016, which would be the lowest annual average since 2004, and $2.21/gal in 2017. Lower crude oil prices contributed to U.S. regular gasoline retail prices declining to an average of $1.95/gal in January, down from an average of $2.04/gal in December. EIA projects regular gasoline retail prices to fall to $1.82/gal in February 2016 and average $1.88/gal in the first quarter of 2016, before rising during the spring. The diesel fuel retail price, which averaged $2.71/gal in 2015, is projected to average $2.22/gal in 2016, 7 cents/gal lower than projected in last month’s STEO, and $2.58/gal in 2017.