In case you missed it, you can catch the webinar “Size Doesn’t Matter: How Smaller Fuel Retailers Can Win!” online.

The top 25 fuel retailers have grown by 5,000 stores since 2015. Larger operators have huge economies of scale, with better access to finance, technology and data. They can build bigger stations and draw in consumers with low prices. So how do you, the small to medium operator, fight back and win?

What was discussed:
‣ Examples of how best-in-class independent retailers are setting up their operations to come out on top
‣ Actionable strategies you can use for your stations
‣ Key market challenges and what you can do about them

Who should watch?
‣ Owners, CEOs and other key team members of 1-150 station operations
‣ Jobbers/suppliers that want to help their dealers be successful in a changing market