Drivewyze has bolstered itsPreClear weigh station bypass service with 12 new locations in Montana and Illinois. The new sites expand the company’s weigh station services in both states to offer drivers even more bypass opportunities. Montana now has 12 active Drivewyze sites, while Illinois has 17 bypass locations.

According to Brian Heath, president and CEO of Drivewyze, the expansion in both states, further streamlines freight movement. “Not having to stop for inspections saves both time and money — weigh station bypass is the low-hanging fruit for fleets and owner operators to keep on the move,” he said. “It’s one of the best ROI’s in the industry.”

In Montana, new weigh station bypass locations will help truckers through Clearwater Junction, a big truck corridor about 30 miles east of Missoula, and through Lima, a busy route that connects Montana, Idaho and Utah.

In Illinois, one of the busiest states in the country for truck traffic, all the new Drivewyze locations will help keep traffic moving past often congested weigh stations. Carlock is on the main route between Peoria and Bloomington, while Brownstown is the main thoroughfare between St. Louis and Indianapolis. Peotone, just south of Chicago, takes drivers right into Chicago.

“But the big ‘win’ for our customers is they can now bypass up to nine inspection sites going from Chicago to the Kentucky border; five sites from Indiana to Missouri, and four sites from Chicago to St. Louis,” said Heath. Based on an industry average of five minutes for a normal inspection – and up to an hour depending on the level of inspection — drive time is substantially saved through weigh station bypass.

“The trip from Chicago to Kentucky alone could take around 5 hours with Drivewyze and uninterrupted driving – you’d have to tack on at least 45 more minutes, at bare minimum, if the driver had to pull in at inspection sites,” said Heath. “That’s a huge time savings with Drivewyze PreClear.”

The new locations include:


  • Lima, I-15, North and Southbound
  • Cameron, US-287, North and Southbound
  • Clearwater Junction State Hwy 200/83, Eastbound and Southbound
  • Clearwater Junction State Hwy 200, Westbound


  • Brownstown, I-70, Eastbound
  • Carlock, I-74, East and Westbound
  • Peotone, I-57, North and Southbound

With the Drivewyze PreClear weigh station bypass service on their Drivewyze-enabled Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs), telematics devices, smartphones and tablets, customers can receive bypass opportunities at more than 800 locations, in 47 states and provinces.

Drivewyze PreClear weigh station bypass service, and the Drivewyze Safety Notifications service (which provides safety notifications for high rollover areas, mountain corridors, and low bridges, as well as parking availability), are available to carriers on supported ELDs and other in-cab telematics devices, through the Drivewyze partner network (