Enhanced Visibility

The latest version of Schneider Electric’s Terminal Inventory Management System (TIMS), DTN TIMS™, extends its functionality to focus on high-priority action items. To ensure suppliers’ most pertinent work is being accomplished and inventory is accounted for, DTN TIMS enhancements now offer customizable alerts to the device of your choice.

In addition, end users can move past spreadsheets with critical information from a singular verified source, customized and sent to their device.


Mobile Alerts

Missing and late inventory is common, but problems arise when you don’t have the most up-to-date inventory information. The most recent enhancements to DTN TIMS provide needed flexibility and mobility with the option to get alerts and messages delivered to your device, whether it be an SMS text alert on your cell phone or an email message to your tablet or computer.

Set free by on-the-go inventory data, users can now access their most critical notifications—wherever they are—via their mobile device.


Customized Notifications

Making it easier to keep track of their most important inventory balances, end users now have a number of notification options.

Alerts can be set along a severity spectrum, ranging from mere warnings to severe errors. This allows users to control and prioritize the updates to their inventory information so they get the pertinent data they need in near real time.


Shared, Complete Data
The ability to share complete and validated data with DTN TIMS can benefit not only planning and scheduling, but terminal reconciliation and ticket actualization as well. With easy access to the inventory balances that are most important to them, users can make better and more profitable decisions. DTN TIMS’s increased visibility from customizable alerts and messages gives suppliers a more focused view of high priority issues, positioning them to better address their most immediate needs and enhance critical decision-making.