Choice Analytical, Inc. is pleased to release its new lineup of instruments for haze and clarity along with ASTM, Saybolt and Platinum Cobalt/APHA Color. The Color Choice hz is the only instrument in the industry that automates D 4176 Procedure 2, provides Haze Clarity Index (HCI) along with ASTM D6045 for Saybolt and ASTM color as well as ASTM D5386 for Platinum Cobalt/APHA color.


“In response to requests and by working closely with leading fuel distributors, producers and users, Choice Analytical, Inc. is proud to announce a revolutionary instrument for precisely measuring and grading a fuel or lubricants haze rating along with providing a proprietary “Haze Clarity Index,” said President Ranzy Morgan. “This HCI enables a much more specific measurement of a product’s clarity and/or haze when compared to the current ASTMD 4176 Procedure 2, as well as possibly the world’s finest instruments for ASTM, Saybolt and Platinum Cobalt/APHA color measurements.”


Working closely with fuel pipeline and terminal companies over the last three years has resulted in a proprietary technique for testing the Haze Clarity Index (HCI) and Instrument Haze Rating (IHR) of fuels and lubes.  


“Hazy product is the number one product quality issue we face as a pipeline company,” said Magellan Midstream Partners’ Origin Product Quality Manager, Rod Lawrence.


Questions related to grading a product’s haze rating is one of the biggest causes for pipeline transfer issues resulting in significant loss of productivity and revenue. The Color Choice hz, Color Choice and Clarity Choice hz enable the operator to carefully monitor the fuel clarity, haze and color by using specialized optics and provide the user with an IHR, which correlates to the current ASTM D4176 Procedure 2 but with much greater precision. 


The Color Choice hz and Color Choice uses a state-of-the-art spectrometer and optics to provide a measuring system with no moving parts or color wheel filters to degrade over time. Each of the instruments conforms to all aspects of the applicable ASTM methods.


The new instruments introduced by Choice Analytical, Inc. represent the next generation of analytical instruments designed specifically for color and haze measurement in fuels and lubes. For more information including pricing and availability, please contact or call 832-409-8150.