As of February 7, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires all new CDL- and HME-applicants and anyone looking to upgrade their CDL to successfully complete classroom and behind-the-wheel training before applicants are eligible to sit for state CDL or HME exams.  This new Entry Level Driver Training requirement applies to all potential commercial drivers.

Worried how your company will comply? The National Propane Gas Association can help!

NPGA is launching the Administrative Compliance Experts (ACE) service to complete the regulatory requirements, filing paperwork, and submitting information to the FMCSA. While you focus on your day-to-day business, NPGA’s ACE navigates the regulatory red tape. Through ACE, the more than 30 steps mandated by ELDT can become just five simple steps with NPGA guiding you from start to finish.

The new ELDT regulation requires behind the wheel and classroom training before an individual can apply for a CDL. Specific documentation requirements, equipment and training minimums, instructor requirements, and more must meet FMCSA’s regulations. NPGA will navigate the regulatory pathways and manage compliance records while you focus on getting your driver up to speed. You enable drivers to learn at their own pace and see their skills develop; let NPGA maneuver through the regulatory burdens.

ACE is designed to assist your company by reviewing regulatory compliance and serving as your Registered Training Provider, including submitting drivers’ materials to FMCSA. Using NPGA’s ACE as your company’s Registered Training Provider shields you from FMCSA audit and ushers your new drivers through the education and training requirements.

For additional information on ACE, including frequently asked questions, fee structures, and a sample of the educational modules, visit npga.org/ace. Questions? Contact Twana Aiken, NPGA’s Manager of Regulatory Affairs, at eldt@npga.org.