Comdata Inc., a FLEETCOR company and world leader in payment innovation, will spend the month of June celebrating the 3.5 million professional drivers who work tirelessly to achieve on-schedule deliveries, maintain compliance and create profitable businesses. On average, these “Knights of the Road” travel 2,500 miles per week in order to keep America moving forward.

The United States economy depends on trucks to deliver more than 70 percent of all freight annually. Drivers play a central part in the process, going out of their way to pick up loads, driving long miles and making many overnight trips in order to deliver goods to their destinations. Without a skilled professional workforce, the cost of goods would rise dramatically.

“Long-haul trucking jobs are vital to our economy—nearly $1 trillion worth of manufactured and retail goods are transported by truck in North America,” said Greg Secord, President of Comdata North American Trucking (NAT). “At Comdata, we applaud efforts to employ dependable and skilled drivers to maintain a stable workforce in this country.”

Although drivers are an important part of the transportation industry, attracting them to the profession has been a challenge in recent years. Both small and large fleets suffer from a lack of qualified drivers, which intensifies the effects of the shortage on carriers. Comdata understands the daily challenges truck drivers face and hopes to raise awareness around the shortage by designating June 2018 Truck Driver Appreciation Month. June will feature a number of interactive activities, fun giveaways and creative ways for the driver community to connect. Drivers can follow Comdata on Facebook for details about those activities.

As Comdata continues to encourage more drivers to enter the industry, it also is providing current drivers with an array of services to enhance their driving career and level of talent. Drivers can rely on Comdata’s breadth of services to stay compliant, lower operating costs and access capital from a single source.

“Good communication is incredibly important to the success of our drivers every day,” said Cully Frisard, President of Frisard’s Trucking. “Our drivers value Comdata’s high level of service and transparency—even in times when the industry has experienced some growing pains—and we are happy to help them celebrate Driver Appreciation Month.”

“We want fleets and drivers to know that they have the support and resources they need in a demanding profession,” continued Secord. “Comdata will continue to provide innovative services to strengthen top talent and the trucking industry as a whole.”