For the last 15 years, CAF Outdoor Cleaning has worked with over 30,000 retail locations throughout the US and Canada to implement cleaning programs to differentiate their brands based on cleaning. Today, CAF made a giant leap across the pond to support retailers across the European markets. Headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands, with production facilities in Dusseldorf, Germany – CAF is now delivering a cleaner forecourt experience on a global level.

Mike G. Zahajko, Executive Vice President of Sales, shared insights after the recent NACS Convenience Summit in London and Amsterdam Market Tours. “European convenience retailers are the global leaders in fresh food retail. Great store design combined with a tasty fresh food offering is almost the norm across most of Europe. However, at their stores, there is a disconnect between the outdoor customer experience and the indoor customer experience. Inside you smell fresh-baked bread, while at the pumps the customer can smell the diesel stains they are standing on.

“There is a lot of US data available that proves that cleaning up on the outside, will drive more consumers into stores where retailers are selling their
high-quality (and high-profit) food offerings.”

CAF analyzed hundreds of Google ratings from 29 top-rated convenience chains across 14 countries in Europe to see what European convenience customers value most. Zahajko shared the results, “We confirmed that the European data aligned with US data with the top consumer priorities as #1 Friendly, #2 Low Price, and #3 Clean. Fresh Food was less important, though I believe that is because the average bar is already so high. Interestingly, Speed was a bigger issue in Europe than the US where pay at the pump is not the standard. We know clean stores sell more and we look forward to partnering with retail leaders to tackle the challenge across Europe.“

CAF products provide solutions for tough-to resolve cleaning and safety issues. From multi-surface cleaners to fuel spill neutralizers, the European product lineup demonstrates CAF’s commitment to helping the industry focus on clean and safe experiences for their customers. In addition to the products, CAF also partners with retailers on education – offering ongoing multi-faceted product training. Users can access this information through in-person training, via the CAF online learning platform called CAF Academy, or through live phone support.

The initial European line of CAF products includes:
• EXIMO Waterless Concrete Cleaner
• REACT Fuel Spill Neutralizer
• FORO Asphalt Cleaner and Hardener
• PROTERO Metal Polish
• OTIS Multi-Surface Concentrate
• ORUS Glass Cleaner Concentrate

CAF currently has partnerships in the US with major oil customers and retailers. Mystery shop scores and overall forecourt cleanliness across the US have risen 10% in the last 8 years due to an improved focus on the customer experience and rising expectation from food service customers.