In 2022, Iowa ethanol production increased to a record-breaking 4.5 billion gallons, up from the previous record of 4.4 billion gallons in 2021. Observers credit fuel demand returning to pre-pandemic levels, Iowa ethanol plant efficiencies, and the ample local corn supply as factors in the upward trend.

Iowa Renewable Fuels Association (IRFA) Executive Director Monte Shaw feels optimistic about increasing ethanol production in 2023 as well.

“Iowa continues to set the pace for ethanol production around the world,” stated Shaw. “The attractive price of E15 and E85 drove sales during the 2022 gas price spike. Barring a recession, we expect ethanol demand to grow each year as Iowa and other states make progress in increasing access to E15, often marketed as Unleaded 88. The Governor’s E15 access bill was a large step forward in increasing access to cheaper, cleaner fuel for Iowans. As demand grows, Iowa ethanol plants are well positioned to continue breaking records.”

The IRFA compiled production information from an industry survey, public reports, and other industry sources.