Worldpay, Inc., a leading global payments technology company, the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) and the Petroleum Marketers Association of American (PMAA) announced a multi-year agreement that establishes Worldpay as the group’s exclusive payments processing company.

“Worldpay is a significant player in the unbranded fuel and convenience store market with the capabilities to deliver innovative, scalable solutions and be a trusted partner to all of our members,” said Michael Davis, Vice President of Member Services at NACS. “And with Worldpay’s global reach, our unbranded retail members can look forward to expanded opportunities.”

NACS selected Worldpay to power the NACS Payment Processing Program (PPP) because of the company’s extensive presence in fuel and convenience retailing markets in the United States, its global reach and its successful relationship with the PMAA since 2009. NACS members can find more information on the program at

“PMAA is glad to continue our long-standing exclusive endorsement with Worldpay which will continue to offer first-rate benefits to petroleum marketers,” said PMAA President Rob Underwood.

“We look forward to the opportunity to offer NACS and PMAA members access to Worldpay’s industry-leading technology which can lower the overall costs of transaction processing,” said Peter Forbes, Head of Sales, U.S. Merchant Business for Worldpay. “Convenience and fuel retailers can expect from Worldpay superior pricing that could add to their bottom line as well as scalable unbranded and mid-tier solutions that help protect and grow their business.”

The agreement provides an additional avenue for NACS to support its members by offering Worldpay as a payments processing provider. There are more than 154,000 convenience stores in the U.S., which sell 80 percent of the fuel purchased in the country and serve 165 million customers per day.