WEX Inc., a leading provider of corporate payment solutions, today announced an agreement between WEX Fuel Management and Titan Cloud Software to strategically promote their software solutions for fleet managers and petroleum retailers.

Through this relationship, WEX Fuel Management and Titan Cloud Software will leverage each other’s cloud product offerings to provide best-in-industry solutions for its mutual customers. The combined solution encompasses fuel purchasing, fuel logistics, advanced fuel analytics, wet stock management, environmental compliance, facility maintenance and inspections.

By utilizing the strengths of both companies, end users gain access to the most comprehensive selection of software modules, apps and service offerings in the petroleum industry to drive smarter fuel acquisition, tighter fuel control, and proactive environmental compliance.

“This collaboration brings our clients the next generation of software and service selections,” said Tom Wagner, executive director and general manager of WEX Fuel Management. “WEX Fuel Management customers operating Titan’s modules will now have a clear path to better Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) and fuel equipment connectivity, analytics and comprehensive services.”

“Our desire to provide retail and commercial fuel operators with an open industry platform that encompasses the best available solutions is reinforced by this new partnership,” said David Freese, CEO of Titan Cloud Software. “Titan customers will now be able to directly feed inventory and delivery information to WEX TelaPoint software without having to set up new site network connections, which eliminates a painful step in implementing fuel supply chain management software.”