Western Global, a leading provider of portable tanks and dispensing equipment for the storage and handling of fuels, lubricants and other fluids, successfully demonstrated the durability and strength of their TransCube Global fuel tank by dropping a tank filled with 260 gallons of water from 80 feet in the air. After the 80-foot drop test, the tank showed no signs of leakage or pressure loss. The tank was only slightly compressed due to the heavy weight and initial impact.

“Our goal is to make sure our tanks are ready for anything, in any environment,” said Ken Steury, Western Global Americas Region director of sales. “To make sure our tanks are compliant with industry standards, we do a four-foot drop test every year. We decided to take it a step further by going for an 80-foot drop. We wanted to prove how our tanks can offer an extreme durable solution to safely store fuel by withstanding the elements of weather and general wear and tear on a jobsite.”

Western Global documented the drop test by video to record the result. The video is available on their website at https://western-global.com/news-and-insights/we-dropped-a-transcube-from-80ft/?lang=na.

The TransCube Global is a transportable, DOT approved, double-walled fuel tank designed specifically for auxiliary fuel supply and efficient on-site refueling. The cube-shaped tanks feature 110-percent fluid containment and meet global transportation standards to provide safe fuel transport. The tank is designed to easily be transported on truck beds, trailers and in standard shipping containers. The TransCube Global can also be stacked up to three high when empty and two high when full, minimizing space consumption. Western Global tanks include four-way forklift pockets and corner brackets for reinforcement when lifting with a crane, resulting in added ease when moving tanks around a jobsite.

The TransCube Global tank is available in six sizes ranging in capacity from 132 U.S. gallons (500 liters) to 1,204 U.S. gallons (4,558 liters). Western Global also offers advanced fuel monitoring systems to help businesses remotely track fuel supplies. To learn more about TransCube Global fuel tanks and other Western Global products, visit www.western-global.com.