Are you taking full advantage of the profit potential of biodiesel fuel? This webinar will help you understand changing tax laws and their implications for biodiesel sales. We’ll also discuss best practices for handling biodiesel in winter and other tips for building a successful business with biodiesel. To be held October 18, 2018 — 1:00 CDT

[NOTE: While some of the information will be specifically useful for those doing business in Illinois, there is plenty of additional content for anyone interested in marketing and using biodiesel blended fuel.]


Pete Probst is President of Indigenous Energy and has been working on biodiesel projects for over 10 years. Pete works with the Illinois Soybean Association on biodiesel outreach projects and technical research. Part of the research involves sampling retail stations for biodiesel content and cold weather operability in the Chicagoland area. Pete has a Master’s degree in Environmental Science from the University of Illinois at Chicago.



Robin Puthusseril is vice-president and co-owner of the Greater Chicago I-55 Truck Plaza in Bolingbrook, Illinois. Robin’s father purchased the business in 1995 and Robin has been in a management position there since 1999. The truck plaza has carried biodiesel fuel since 2006, and all 10 diesel pumps now dispense biodiesel. Robin actively promotes biodiesel’s environmental and economic benefits, and has testified before Congress on the benefits of the Renewable Fuel Standard.




October 18, 2018— 1:00 CDT