Just over one year ago Marvin Griffin, President of ValvTect™ Petroleum Products initiated the strategic business alliance with Better Diesel FBC™, Inc. The goal was to distribute Better Diesel FBC (Fuel Borne Catalyst) along with the ValvTect® line of Diesel Guard™ products. Since then product sales of Better Diesel FBC™ have grown exponentially.  According to Britt Beal, Sr., CEO of Better Diesel FBC, Inc., “our customers tell us that we have a phenomenally effective combustion catalyst that gives them relief from on-going DPF, DEF, and engine maintenance issues related to soot.” “Our truck transport customers love the fact that they are staying out of the shop and on the road making money…they get paid by the mile and each day of down time translates to roughly $1,000 of lost revenue. This is in addition to the repair bills for parts and labor which may or may not correct the problem”. According to Jane Gates, CTO for Better Diesel, Inc., “one of our most frequently asked questions is ‘do I still have to use an antigel deicer for extreme winter conditions?’  So, we know that a winterized blend of the Better Diesel FBC™ with Diesel Guard™ antigel deicer additive makes sense for our customer base.”

“ValvTect™ maintains a leadership position as a supplier of winterized diesel fuel treatments.  We are excited to announce this new addition to our alliance. The Diesel Guard™ line of Antigel  Deicer fuel additive products feature a proprietary blend of cold flow improvers and “SMART” deicer to protect diesel fuel from gelling and icing even in the coldest climates. The winterized blend of the premier fuel borne catalyst (FBC), from Better Diesel FBC Inc. is a big convenience and protection factor for users of the product in cold climates. They won’t have to worry about compatibilities with other winterizing additives or have to add a second or third additive to their diesel fuel”, Griffin said.

Winterized Better Diesel FBC™ is available in 16-oz., 1-gallon, 5-gallon and 55-gallon containers. One (1) fluid ounce treats 12.5 gallons, treat ratio is 1:1600.

More about ValvTect™ Petroleum Products:

The petroleum industries largest supplier of fuel additives to fuel distributors, truck stops, fleets, farms and railroads for additizing bulk fuels.  Products include antigel, water handling, deicer, biodiesel, premium diesel, premium heating oil, LPG and gasoline additives. ValvTect™ provides a variety of co-brand marketing programs and technical support services.  Registered trademarks include Diesel Guard™, AgriGuard™, BioGuard™, Lumin®, ThermoGuard™ and ValvTect™ Marine Fuels.

More about Better Diesel FBC™:

Better Diesel FBC™, Inc. manufactures and distributes Better Diesel FBC™, a proprietary diesel fuel combustion improver and fuel injector cleaner additive.  Engine tests conducted by a 3rd party using EPA approved methods resulted in an increase in fuel economy of 12% to 14% for an in-service, 550 hp, 2016 Cummins diesel engine.  Better Diesel FBC™ is manufactured in the USA.

For more information about Better Diesel FBC, Inc., call 855-501-1005 or visit www.betterdiesel.com. For more information about ValvTect™ Petroleum Products or to place your order call 800-728-8258 or visit www.valvtect.com.