U-GLOVE, a South Florida-based company that that keeps drivers clean when they fill up at the gas pump with their zero-contact preventative gloves, has partnered with AllOver Media to grow its network of more than 1,000 locations, with planned rollouts for new advertising partnerships at thousands of new and existing locations across the country.

The new alliance allows U-GLOVE to harness the power of AllOver Media’s established partnerships with thousands of advertisers and fuel partners. At the same time, it creates more one-of-a-kind opportunities for advertisers- in particular, health-conscious brands- to be highlighted.

Last year, drivers used 7.4 million U-GLOVES to protect their hands from harmful bacteria at the gas pump.

“We’re very excited to partner with AllOver Media. This partnership will reinforce our current network of both advertising and fuel partners, and ultimately keep more consumers safe and clean,” said Antonio Lyon, founder and CEO of U-GLOVE. “We’re looking forward to growing, reaching more locations across the United States and strengthening in the year ahead.”

AllOver Media is a leader in convenience store advertising, offering relationships with 30,000 gas stations and convenience stores.

“U-GLOVE is a great addition to our portfolio,” said Tony Jacobson, CEO of AllOver Media. “The product offers something very unique with a powerful message. It’s the ideal product for general market advertisers and anyone who wants to tie their brand with a health-conscious message.”