TXB (Texas Born), a family of customer service-oriented convenience stores and food market operations, launches a new, custom app in partnership with Paytronix Systems, Inc., the most advanced digital guest experience platform, to provide guests with seamless mobile ordering capabilities. As an industry first, the new app will give customers the opportunity to earn & save on gas purchases – unlike any loyalty & rewards program currently in the market.

The new app will provide a streamlined user-friendly experience and offer guests more opportunities to save through TXB’s loyalty program. New features include:

  • For every dollar spent* reward members accumulate points that can be used like cash at any TXB location. 1 cent = 1 point. $1 = 100 points.  *(excluding lottery & gift cards)
  • All cash points earned can be used to spend on anything in store or as discounted gas at the pump
  • TXB guests can pay in-store and at the pump using the mobile app
  • TXB Pay members receive 10 cents off per gallon and 1% off inside store transactions
  • Additional points awarded upon friend referrals and birthdays
  • Bonus points awarded for special promotional items purchased in-store
  • Unlimited Drink Subscriptions through the Chug Club: Drink subscription through the TXB app, including TXB’s coffee, fountain, frozen, tea, etc.
  • Guests can also choose to donate their points to charity and TXB will send a check to the select charity

“We are always looking for ways to elevate our guests’ experience,” said Kevin Smartt, CEO of TXB. “Our larger initiative at TXB is to not only adapt to current consumer needs, but to prepare for future trends. We’re constantly studying consumer data and adjusting our processes to offer our guests quality and quick service. That’s why I’m incredibly proud of our partnership with Paytronix to offer guests an even better digital experience.”

TXB will also continue its popular “scratch & win” program in the new TXB app from October 1 until the end of November. The new game, Kick to Win, will offer guests one free prize every day and one weekly winner who will be awarded free gas for a year.

To learn more about TXB and its offerings, visit www.txbstores.com.